DVD "Der Führerbunker (1943)"

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Today, more than sixty years after Second World War, the Fuehrer Bunker - where Hitler committed suicide in 1945 - has become a place of myth. To date, over twenty different ground plans and countless contradicting descriptions of the bunker have been published. Recently, plans, measurements and photographs of the Fuehrer Bunker were discovered among the files of the former East German Secret Service. Using these documents, Keystone Animation created a full color 3D model of the Reich's Chancellery and the Fuehrer Bunker. The bunker was recreated in detail to finally demystify Hitler’s last refuge.

Der Führerbunker (1943)

shows the construction of the Tiefbunker of the Reichc hancellery, and the construction measures taken to strengthen the Vorbunker. More than sixty different building stages of the Tiefbunker were digitally reconstructed for this film. Due to the step by step reconstruction of the overall structure of the Bunker, the eventful history of the Fuehrer Bunker becomes understandable for the viewer.

Running Time: ca. 50 min
Language: English/ German
Format: PAL
EAN: 9783981159325

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